O Holy Night

Happy Holidays from North Carolina! :)

I have had a wonderful couple weeks performing in the “O Holy Night” Christmas Production this month. One more week of shows then I will be headed back to Texas to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my family.

This show is an incredible one. I have the privilege to work with multi-instrumentalist and amazing singer Eric Anthony again. We performed together a few years back in the Kings of Country Show here at Flat Rock. I also got to meet his good friend and great musician Jon Brown, who plays piano, guitar, bass, sax, etc. I’ve had a great time jamming with these guys and coming up with some really cool arrangements for these songs.

Working with your significant other is pretty awesome too. :) This is the second time I have worked with Jane Bunting and I am looking forward to many more gigs together in the future. Jane is absolutely killing it in this show splitting up the leading songs with Eric as well as playing keys backing us up on a few tunes as well. She has quite a bit of vocal acrobatics singing anything from Sarah Mclachlan to Mariah Carey.

Our music director for this show is my good friend Dan Gibson. We just performed together a matter of weeks ago at the Wayward Sons Tribute Show, and it’s great to be playing music with him again. Dan has put in so much work to make this show a success, from arranging the music for us, playing piano and singing, and even rehearsing a 24-member choir to back us up!

I set a personal record with this show– I play six instruments throughout the course of the show. Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Piano and Vocals.

Here is an article from Broadway World that talks about the show –


Yesterday Eric, Jon, Jane and I hiked up Triple Falls in Dupont. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for the hike. While we were up there I thought of all the things I am grateful for this year. I am grateful for all the new friendships that I’ve made this year, that will continue to grow over the years to come. I’m grateful for how much I worked this year, and having my first experience as a music director. I am grateful for the fact that I can still play music after my accident through the support and love of my friends and family. I am grateful for meeting Jane.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

I will post pictures and videos of this gig on my YouTube Channel very soon. Stay tuned!


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Bold as Love (guitar cover)

An instrumental cover of the Jimi Hendrix song.
Guitar borrowed from Jon Paul-
1977 American Fender Stratocaster
Pickups – Lindy Fralin Blues Specials
Fender Deluxe Reverb Tube Amplifier

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Jessica – The Allman Brothers

Here is an Allman Brothers tune performed at the Wayward Sons Show at the Flatrock Playhouse in November 2013.

Guitar – Ryan Guerra
Guitar – Tommy McDowell
Bass – Sam Sherwood
Piano – Dan Gibson
Drums – Paul Babelay

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